Most average web users would be completely blind to this form of hijacking. It is a topic of discussion around the block and we wanted to share our thoughts and show a good read to better understand what is happening.

Some might think we shouldn’t link to this demonstration, but how else would an average joe comprehed on how to protect themselves? It appears to not be a problem if you operate Win 2003 or recent *nix apache machines. So do yourself a favor and if you feel your traffic has slowed but nothing has changed with advertising and search results, look into this as someone can be hijacking your traffic through DNS.

Excerpt straight from WMW

It’s quite possible someone is framing your website in the search results, thus stealing your traffic and income.

When my own stats were much lower than expected we used the Google Tool inurl: domainnamedotcom which found everyone with my url as part of their url.

In clicking on them we discovered scammers who illegally framed our site and put their own Adsense Code at the top of my index page, thus getting our traffic and clicks.

You can read the full discussion at the WMW forums