Will You See The Google’s Green Comet?

For those of you keeping track of the Google indexing fun, you might be aware of the rumblings related to a big update the past couple of days. The green streak that flashes across our browser is set to make another appearance any day now and although seostronomers predict it happens every 3 months now, no one has been able to spot the little green devil to say for sure. It’s obvious something is happening out in the star filled cyberspace because the typically stable results have been bouncing all over the place causing storms of black holes sucking websites into deep, deep cyberspace where no one will ever be able to find them.

For one to really understand the math behind the madness of predicting the green comet and the realigning of the stars, you must be able to track it’s history with precise measurements and details, or better yet, know of a seostronomer that provides it for you. There are only a few known, but the one referenced is really all you need to track this amazing phenomenon.

If and when this green streak passes through your browser and lands on your website, the amount of green that does not get burned up while entering your browsersphere will determine how famous you will become over the next few months. If the green comet makes it through your browsersphere and your websitosphere with very little damage, you are said to have great luck and wealth for the next three months, or at least until the next sitting of this beast. For those who see the green flash of light burn up through their two sphere’s to end up nothing but white or grey matter, or just a tad bit of it’s tail left, you are said to have tough luck and struggle the next few months, or until the next sitting where your luck could turn around quickly.

What will your next few months be like?

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The New LinkWorth Toolbar

We are in the final stages of our much anticipated LinkWorth Toolbar. The goal was to create a simple tool that you can install with no hidden program installs or no hidden spyware or adware like most other toolbar creators tend to push on everyone. I guess to offer something free, they have to make money on it somehow to cover the time put into the development, but that is fine if they would just do a better job of telling you up front.

Well you have our 100% guaranteed word, the only thing our toolbar has in the installation is a toolbar, and that is it! We have no hidden adware, no hidden spyware or any other installation except the LinkWorth toolbar.

You may ask yourself, “What is the catch then?” Well the catch is you spread the word around about LinkWorth. We are working off of the same principle the big companies like Yahoo! and Google follow….give things away for FREE with no catch. All LinkWorth tools will always be free to LinkWorth customers and non-customers. Our working capital is generated through our text link advertising system and this funds our developments and maintenance.

Speaking of tools…lets get back to the LinkWorth Toolbar. Here is the list of features the LinkWorth Toolbar has:

  1. Alerts partners of new pending links (shows a new icon) inside their account with a link to the login page
  2. Shows a red X icon with eyeballs when there are no pending links for partners
  3. Alerts Advertisers and Partners of new messages in their account
  4. Provides real time stats on any website you visit in a matter of seconds
  5. Shows pages indexed and total back links for Yahoo!
  6. Shows pages indexed and total back links for MSN
  7. Shows pages indexed and total back links for Google
  8. Provides a link to the LinkWorth Homepage
  9. Offers a search field with the option to search Yahoo!, MSN or Google
  10. To gather stats on a site, press the ‘GET STATS’ button so it only happens at your command

So check back for the launch of this new and exciting toolbar. Buying links will never be easier!

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Credit options for a Mortgage

Checking your credit score will help you determine your financing options; lenders use it to set your loan pricing and see if you’re able to repay your mortgage. Also, when you’re eligible for an auto loan, credit scoring models will look at your credit report to determine whether you’re an excellent risk for credit damage, and a lender may refuse to extend you the loan if they find out that you’re a credit risk. Also, if you want to¬†apply for car finance in Perth, you need to click here and get more details on the same.
Some banks, including Ally, Nela, SunTrust, SunTrust, Nationwide, PNC and Wells Fargo use the FICO Credit Score for their credit applications. Some state offices also use the FICO credit score, although not all states have the same model.
When you apply for a mortgage, a lender will also look at your credit report. Many lenders will use the FICO Credit Score in conjunction with the historical payment history from your credit report to calculate your risk score, which can help them decide whether you are a good risk for credit damage.
In order for your credit score to rise, you need to make steady, qualified, and timely payments to your mortgage lender and you can get more data on how this work in sites . Your Mortgage consultants WA will set up a process for this and other requirements (see below for the details).
When will my credit score change?
The most accurate, current, and trustworthy information is contained in your credit report. The first time a lender looks at your credit report, they will not see your information but will be looking at your account history. If they see that you’re having trouble paying your mortgage payments, or are trying to access more credit, that should raise red flags. If you’re having trouble making payments on your mortgage and are having trouble paying your other bills as well, you should get more detailed information about your credit situation and address these issues as soon as possible.
Is my credit report accurate and up-to-date?
Everyone’s credit report will be accurate and up-to-date, but you may not know about any major mistakes or errors until its too late and the damage is already done.
You don’t have to worry that your credit report will be accurate and up-to-date at all, because the information in it is protected. The Experian Credit Report Guarantee ensures that no agency can take your credit report (or information contained in it) and use it to issue credit, or offer credit to you. Experian Credit Report Guarantee details on how to file a dispute about your Experian Credit Report.
Should I keep my credit report updated?
A credit score is calculated based on your credit reports, which include any information that has not been filed. That’s why you should keep your credit reports up-to-date in the normal course of business.
How often should I check my credit score?
The first time a lender checks your credit report, you don’t need to worry. They do not run a credit check, just check your report for inaccuracies and record that information for future reference. If they find you to be an excellent risk for credit damage and refuse to loan you the mortgage, they wont run a credit check. The decision to run a credit check is up to them.

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What is the point of LinkWorth?

One thing we have discovered in seeking new advertisers is almost everyone has been burned one time or another by “SEO” companies that promise the world and never deliver. Sure there are some great SEO companies out there, however, it seems like anyone that can build a website seems to think they can also be an SEO expert. Read a couple SEO related website forums and “whammo”, they are experts. Then throw in the fact most online advertisers do not know too much about this field and you have an easy target. The so-called SEO expert throws some technical terms out the advertiser has never heard and they take the bait. So due to this common occurrence, most visitors are very reluctant to give LinkWorth a shot. Hopefully this will give some trust in the services offered here at LinkWorth.

When marketing your website, the obvious tasks are to bring potential customers to your website, then make the sale. While it sounds fairly simple, the bringing new customers to your site can be a difficult task. There are many different forms of advertising online, but many are very expensive and turn up zero conversions, so LinkWorth is a very affordable method that ultimately brings free traffic to your website.

Search engines rank a website by many factors, onsite and offsite. The two most important are:

    Onsite Optimization
    Link Popularity

LinkWorth tackles these two factors with an emphasis on the Link Popularity. To build your link popularity, you must create partnerships with other similar, or relevant websites and have a text link advertisement on their website, linking to your website. The more you accumulate, the higher your popularity becomes. The 1-2 punch is attracting similar visitors from their site to your site and building your popularity which helps to push your listing north in the search engines.

In order to accomplish this, advertisers need webmasters that wish to participate and sell space on their website. The LinkWorth system is a grand meeting ground for webmasters that want to advertise and webmasters that offer advertising. It simplifies the entire process and also allows both sides to have a neutral party involved. Our system monitors all ads on a daily basis so advertisers no longer have to.

So the “point of LinkWorth” is very simple. It offers a solution for both types of webmasters. If you have a website, then LinkWorth is for you. If you want to promote your site, our system helps build your link popularity and push your listing to the top. If you want to earn money by selling ads on your site, our system sends the advertisers to you. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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Welcome to the new LinkWorth Blog

Other than the obvious reasons, we felt a blog would be a great resource for LinkWorth customers and visitors to get more personalized information about LinkWorth, along with great tips and tricks. We are adding more and more new features to the LinkWorth system which will greatly benefit your needs, so this will be a great place to read and learn about them.

Just like other blogs, you are welcome to comment on all articles. Due to the lovely spammers, all comments must be approved before they are published. We may try it without the approval method, but it really depends on the level of activity.

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