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The Importance of Unique Content

Hey there to everyone in the LinkWorth family.  I just wanted to take a moment to discuss the latest Google Algorithm update and how we can all make sure to stay on the light side of the force with this change; that way we can all keep our rankings high and the traffic flowing in.  To summarize what is widely understood as the main concern of this new update, Google is putting forth more effort than ever before to fight content farming; essentially duplicate and/or stolen content. 

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that if your site has duplicate content on it then there is a chance it could be devalued and drop in the rankings.  Fortunately the solution is simple, just make sure your site is composed of unique and compelling content.  Granted, this is “the Internet” and content is regularly swapped and shared (that’s the very definition of something going viral) however I would urge Webmasters out there to consider the many benefits of original content beyond simply staying on the good side of Google.  For E-Commerce sites, original content and copy help to differentiate your store from that of your competitors, and for blogs and most other types of websites unique and original content is what will keep your visitors coming back again and again, as well as attracting new visitors. The ultimate aim here is to provide the best value and experience for the end users of our websites.  For those that may need a little help, might I remind everyone that LinkWorth has a team of writers standing by to create original content for whatever your need may be.  If we keep these things in mind and create great content, being found online is a piece of cake.

Should SEO Agencies Advertise With AdWords

When you come across a SEO agency, their main motto is, “We’ll get you listed naturally in the search engine results.” The goal is to eliminate the need for PPC because you’ll be listed in the natural results. That is even the motto in our niche market. The idea is you get search engines to read your site, then your site will be listed well for your target keywords. Plain and simple, right?

If that is the case, wouldn’t it make sense that the SEO company you find ranks well for their own keywords and do not have to attract people by using AdWords? Should it make more of an impact to the customer if that company doesn’t spend a dime on AdWords and only gets their customers by way of natural search traffic or through non-search related advertising?

I think it is quite humorous when I see SEO or SEM companies that don’t rank well for a single keyword in their own industry, but they tell potential customers that they can do it for them. You could definitely point the finger towards the fact customers aren’t hip enough to do the research on SEO companies before they spend a dime with them, however, I know of situations first hand where people in our industry put certain companies in a high regard even though they are nowhere to be found when it comes to natural search.

I’m definitely not here to point anyone out, this post is more about asking the question regarding this subject. I’ve always wondered how a customer feels when searching for this type of service. I know I’ve read new SEO sites that talk a big game, yet they’re nowhere to be found on simple keywords related to them, which always makes me think they’re a bit full of it and I’ve always wondered how the actual customer feels about it. With that being said, some of the smartest cats out there could not rank for the easiest of words, but it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t get amazing results for their customers.

If you have a second, give me your thoughts. I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks.

So What Is Next For Webmasters?

The question burning in a lot of webmaster’s minds is, “What should I do now?” With us being in the position we’re in, I felt the need to give our view and suggestion to all of our customers and readers. Everyone is worried and scared about the recent hit of lowered Google PR across the board. Everyone is pointing the finger at blog networks who cross link and sites that buy and/or sell text link ads. Well here is our thoughts on the whole ordeal.

Report Paid LinksThe big scare in everyone’s mind is that Google is punishing everyone for participating in the buying or selling of text ads. The problem is, people are reporting PR drops on sites that don’t even participate in the act. Maybe this is a move where they’re testing the waters to see if their “reported” information is aligning with their new algorithms, or maybe this has nothing to do with what everyone thinks it is. TechCrunch, for example, openly sells ads and even to one of our own, yet, nothing happened to them. I think if Google was really trying to make a statement, they would hit all obvious blogs that everyone reads, not just a few. Then take notice of YouTube‘s home page being a PR 3, it’s a Google owned company. My suggestion would be not to buy into all the PRopaganda, but most certainly, do NOT stop what you’re doing!

There is no doubt that Google owns the largest share of search queries; however, they are NOT the only search engine. They also do NOT own your website nor can they dictate how you choose to monetize your site. Of course, they’ll tell you they’re not trying to dictate what webmasters participate in, but just look at the ripple they’re causing. I was just reading a post on Johntp.com where he’s pulling his ads from TLA and I just couldn’t help but think how ridiculous it is for anyone to throw easy money away for a complete guess. Does this guy really think anything is going to change by removing ads? All he’s doing is allowing Google to bully him around.

Don’t Use JavaScriptGoogle’s big issue is the selling of Pagerank, which was something that happened a few years ago. Now people buy text ads on sites related to their own. Sure, some people still go the route of buying higher PR sites, but just like technologies change, so do methodologies in link building campaigns. When we build campaigns for customers, it’s apples to apples and oranges to oranges, the days of insurance ads on programmer sites are pretty much over. But everyone can argue that people on a programming site might be interested in insurance whether they’re on an insurance site or a programmer site.

Let me give you an example, these days, most of the sites participating in buying/selling text ads are personal blogs. These personal blogs cover a little bit of everything, just like a search engine would. At any point you can go to yahoo.com and see a range of advertisers from flowers to insurance to credit reports. The same situation can apply to all sites, any one visitor can be interested in ANY type of ad on the site. I’ve found some pretty interesting sites on sites that had nothing to do with the site I was on, but I was glad to find them. But of course, to really get the eye of the visitor, a text ad about insurance when you’re on a site about insurance will more than likely have a higher CTR, so it’s the optimum choice in our methodologies.

Make Pages for Search EnginesThe search reps will completely agree with this theory but tell us that we should somehow tell them it is an ad by adding a “nofollow” or link it with some other form rather than html. Use HTML LinksBut then you read their guidelines and it strictly tells us not to build our sites for search engines, build it for our readers. Nofollow tags means we’re building for the search engines, not for our readers! They’re hypocrites and greedy because those ad dollars are not being put into their own pockets.

Acquire Inbound LinksTheir guidelines also tell you to acquire links from sites and directories like Yahoo, where you actually pay for the link in order to get your site appearing in their search results. Think about it, “Do it!” “Don’t do it!” “Do this!” “Don’t do this!” Submit to YahooIf they have an issue with how people are monetizing their sites, then they need to do a better job at their own product rather than trying to rip webmasters of their livelihoods. We, as in LinkWorth, would never tell a customer they cannot participate in another program because we want our customers to make as much money as they can, whether it be with us or with some other company. If Google could adopt at least a modified version of this thought, I think the internet world would be a much more peaceful place. If it came down to a fault of our own, we would fix the problem on our end instead of pissing off the same people that helped build them into what they are today.

Let me go ahead and end these words of wisdom, if you can call it that, with a few thoughts to marinate on.

  1. Unless you’re listed on the first page for your keywords, why would it matter if you were spotted by Google and PR dropped? Money in your pocket is money in your pocket! Don’t give it back because you have less green in your toolbar! Just remove the toolbar and go with the flow, keep the ads, add more ads and continue writing great content on your site.

  3. If you remove ads or stop buying linkads, do you REALLY think you will be rewarded? Keeping what you have will only help validate that you’re not going to be bullied by Google and also make you appear as you know it is your website and not Google’s site!

  5. Do you realize that if you pull out and cancel linkads, that money will HAPPILY be diverted to others who would love to have the money? Our advertisers are going nowhere! LinkWorth’s job is to produce results and we will continue to do so with existing products, combinations of existing products and most importantly, our new products. Yes, that means we are always staying ahead of the Goo-ame by developing new products that help our advertisers and disguise them from all this other mess. Our product LinkInTxt is something only LinkWorth employees would be able to detect. So unless they change the way they rank the SERPs, our products will always produce results!

  7. WHO DO YOU THINK IS ON YOUR SIDE WHEN IT COMES TO LINKWORTH AND GOOGLE? HONESTLY? There is no way Google knows anything about you. LinkWorth knows our customers and will do whatever is necessary to produce results. If the entire ranking system changed tomorrow, LinkWorth would figure out how the new system operates and implement a new process for our customers within a week. What can you honestly do to get a response from Google? A reinclusion request that goes unanswered for months? (Well, unless you’re BMW).

  9. Your site is your site and you should never change anything for any reason unless it’s illegal. Google tells webmasters to not build pages for search bots, then says to change all ad links for search bots. Google also tells people to get listed in their results they should acquire links and even references Yahoo’s directory, which is buying a link, then says they’ll not count links that are paid. Ask yourself, “who has their heads on straight here?”

How Good At SEO Are You? Grade Yourself . . .

Rand’s back to work with his popular link baiting techniques. I like to consider myself an “idea guy”, but man I think this dude takes the cake on great ideas. He held the Web 2.0 Awards where he acquired tons of links because people put images on their site that linked back to him. Great idea!

Now he has a new link bait tool over at SEOmoz called the “SEO Expert Quiz” where you answer 75 questions revolving around the SEO world. Then you get to paste an image showing your score. I honestly think it would be hilarious if someone posted anything below a 70%. Especially if it’s a SEO site.

The quiz I thought was pretty simple. I guess if you’ve been in the business for a while you’re just familiar, but there were some tricky questions in there. There are also some that I considered more speculative rather than concrete answers, but knowing who Rand is, hearing him speak and reading his posts from time to time, I knew his answer if I was unsure. I guessed on a few, but guess it was my lucky day.

It will take a while.. I mean it’s SEVENTY FIVE QUESTIONS, but I think it’s good to see where you are with your knowledge and it even gives you the answers at the end and explains why they’re what they are.

What did I score? Probably better than any score I ever made in college. So here is my badge with the whole post and link back to you Rand.

Ron’s SEO Quiz Score

You scored 255/255 points (100%)

SEO Dark Lord – 100%

Looks like the other badges would go like this, although not sure on the percentage breakdowns:

Best - AB

New Algorithm For Top AdWords Spot

Big BucksAccording to Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land, Google is about to release a new algo update to determine who gets to be chief of the top spot in AdWords. It’s always been more of ‘who wants to shell out the most’ type of position, but now they’re supposedly allowing better performing, more targeted ads to get the top spot without having to bid the most.

Regardless of what they may say, it will be silly to think it isn’t going to take big bucks to run in that top spot. I see the whole thing as a ploy to keep people spending their money and trying to be competitive. If you’re competing with 10 other sites that have crazy budgets and your business is a fraction of theirs, outbidding will never happen. This can cause the smaller budget advertisers to get complacent and not try to do better. Tell them they have a chance of being top dawg without paying top dollar and they’ll stay on top of it. Just my opinion, of course.

Is Shoemoney An Insider for Google?

Anyone that reads anything about making money on your site has heard of or at least read something from Shoemoney, aka Jeremy Schoemaker. I honestly have not read a lot from him just because there is so much to read and it’s tough to keep up and still run a growing business.

This all changed after visiting the SES in NYC recently and Matt and I sat in on a session where Jeremy Schoemaker was speaking. The first speaker, can’t remember the name, Jill someone, was good, but I fell out of attention quite a bit. Very nice and informative, though. Then Jeremy came up and did his thing.

I’ll tell you that I have not made it through many sessions, but give them a shot quite a bit, and Shoemoney really is a great speaker. Although I had to pee pretty bad, I didn’t want to miss anything and it was on a subject I wasn’t really interested in. He’s good at mixing in some fun and laughter but giving great info as well. THEN the check pictures and/or the money made pops in. This part gets me every time. Take for example, this picture:


Over 132K paid to Shoemoney from Google. WHAT! Most people I know work their way up to $50 and get their accounts shut down for whatever reason. I have it setup on an article directory that gets decent traffic and it’s earned $30 in one year. :|

He reminds me of Carlton Sheets where him and his students tell their net worth all through the show and how big of a check they walked away with at closing. But as much as it bugs me, it’s probably one of the reasons he is so successful. People like to see other people making money. It gives them hope and makes them want to be Jeremy.

Jeremy, if you read this and you will be in Seattle for SMX, shoot me an email and we’d love to buy you a beer or few. You’re an interesting guy and I think we might have a good chat. ron[at]linkworth or matt[at]linkworth and we can hear more about what you do.


I read on a blog the other day where they were saying the nofollow attributes weren’t working, so after a day of letting it marinate, and feeling a little frisky tonight, I figured I would target a phrase with the nofollow tag and see how things go. Since the no follow is preached by one person in general, going after his name mixed up would be a good test since there are no results:

Tamt Tucts

Help us with the test and put this on your site. Make sure the nofollow remains.

As of right now this is what I get in results:

Update on LinkInTxt 2.0 – Spider Process

We have been averaging 5-10 messages each day since we announced a much easier way to setup LinkInTxt for large sites. This led me to give another update so those eager beavers who are ready to rock n roll can get a better time line on when L.I.T. will be available.

So are you ready?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Year 2020

It will be purring like a kitten on January 12, 2020. You may be asking yourself, “Why in the world would a new product take 12.5 years to upgrade?” Well, hopefully I can make things understandable in the best way I can. With the new product, the difficulties and time required didn’t make sense, so we began working on a way to have our daily spider check all pages of all partners for keywords. Once that point was reached, there were space issues. . .BIG space issues. So we’re working on building a huge data warehouse that will have a state of the art facility and top of the line machines and the fastest fiber available.

Once the data warehouse gets constructed we should be completed in probably 2021, we are going to spend the next 1-2 years installing the systems. “IF” this schedule goes on time, that would leave the beta and reworking the code.

Ok, Ok, I was making all of that up. LinkInTxt should be up and running in 3 weeks! HAHA… I GOT YOU!!!

Free Broadband & Wireless At Home ! !

Seems Google is now going to offer FREE BROADBAND & WIRELESS to everyone at home. Probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for this great country we live in. The only requirement to get it going? A BIG CRAPPER! They supply the rest.

Here is the getting setup page from their site: TiSP:

Going with the flow TiSP Kit

Google’s KitGoogle TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.

 TiSP Diagram

Installing TiSP

Installing a typical home TiSP system is a quick, easy and largely sanitary process — provided you follow these step-by-step instructions very, very carefully.

Google’s Image

#1 Remove the spindle of fiber-optic cable from your TiSP installation kit.

#2 Attach the sinker to the loose end of the cable, take one safe step backward and drop this weighted end into your toilet. 

Line Down Google’s Image

#3 Grasp both ends of the spindle firmly while a friend or loved one flushes, thus activating the patented GFlush™ system, which sends the weighted cable surfing through the plumbing system to one of the thousands of TiSP Access Nodes.

#4 When the GFlush is complete, the spindle will (or at least should) have largely unraveled, exposing a connector at the remaining end. Detach the cable from the spindle, taking care not to allow the cable to slip into the toilet.

Plugin - Google’s Image

#5 Plug the fiber-optic cable into your TiSP wireless router, which has a specially designed counterweight to withstand the centripetal force of flushing. 

#6 Insert the TiSP installation CD and run the setup utility to install the Google Toolbar (required) and the rest of the TiSP software, which will automatically configure your computer’s network settings. 

All Ready To Go - Google’s Image

#7 Within sixty minutes — assuming proper data flow — the other end of your fiber-optic cable should have reached the nearest TiSP Access Node, where our Plumbing Hardware Dispatchers (PHDs) will remove the sinker and plug the line into our global data networking system.

#8 Congratulations, you’re online! (Please wash your hands before surfing.)

Note: If you have any difficulty installing, operating or simply living with TiSP, we suggest joining the TiSP Help Group.

Advanced TiSP Options

Professional Installation Service
You can also choose to request our professional installation service, which dispatches an army of factory-trained, sub-contracted nanobots from the TiSP Access Node. The nanobots travel with exhilarating nano-speed through the sewer system and into your home to perform the installation service, which should be complete within 15 minutes. Note: For your own physical safety and emotional well-being and in consideration of the nanobots’ working conditions, please make absolutely certain that your toilet is unoccupied at the scheduled appointment time.

In-Commode Package Delivery
With professional installation service, you can also have your Google Checkout purchases delivered directly through the sewage network into your bathroom. Each package comes pre-sealed in a watertight and nanobot-resistant bag made of biodegradable corn-based plastic. For a limited time, TiSP subscribers who sign up for a Checkout account will receive free bathroom delivery on their first ten Checkout purchases.

TiSP for Enterprise
We’re actively developing a higher-performance version of TiSP specifically tailored to small and medium-sized businesses, including 24-hour, on-site technical support in the event of backup problems, brownouts and data wipes.

This is where we insert April Fool’s!

20 Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Google

I thought this would be a fun game to see how much Google is really worth. Sure we hear numbers thrown at us from time to time; we know their stock prices are ridiculous and that they’re one of the biggest companies in the world, but what does that mean to the average Joe? Let’s see how much we have to work with and what we can do with that money:

  1. Currently, the market value of Google is right at $140 Billion. That’s $140,000,000,000.00.
  2. That could make 140,000 people millionaires.
  3. It would take someone making $50k annually, 2.8 million years to make that much.
  4. It would take someone making $250k annually, 560,000 years to make that much.
  5. You could buy every single song available at itunes, 40,000 times.
  6. It could buy 530,303 average homes at the current value of $264k each.
  7. They could give every single American $450 each and every human on earth $20 and still have some left over.
  8. While it is a lot of money, it’s a mere 1.5% of the U.S. National Debt
  9. It’s only half of the market value of Microsoft.
  10. It could put over 4.5 million kids through a 4 year private college And put over 10.5 million kids through a 4 year public college.
  11. It would pay over 28 million people’s health care for one year.
  12. You could buy 9.3 billion hamburgers, which would equal 1.4 burgers for every human on the earth.
  13. It could pay the NBA salaries for over 50 years.
  14. It could pay for almost all online spending for one full year.
  15. They could buy 3.5 billion text ads from LinkWorth for 1 month :).
  16. They could have purchased over 93,000 Randfish proposals during the Super Bowl.
  17. You could buy over half a million top end Lamborghini’s.
  18. It would only pay for around 30% of the Iraq war.
  19. They could pay for the next 350,000 years of current Presidential salaries.
  20. And, it’s roughly $140 billion more dollars than I have!