Hypothetical – Let Us Say Google Penalizes People

A hypothetical I feel is worth a mention. Everyone is so worried about Google and their idiotic pagerank changing, but lets look at the big picture here people. It’s all about where you’re listed in the search results. Lets say your company name is TechCrunch and you’re selling or buying text links. According to the “official confirmation” Google is cracking down on people. Right now it’s just the lowering of Pagerank and some are worried it will result in where they’re listed in the SERPs.

With that in mind, think about how many people have been hit with this change. Imagine all of these sites, Problogger, TechCrunch, John Chow, Weblogs Inc and so on then get penalized as people are worried about. Think about how horrible the search results will be for Google. They are aiming to make their search results better? If I search for a specific company name and they don’t show up in the first page, what is so great about their results? Just because they are crying about webmasters trying to make their online businesses better? I can guarantee you the search results will produce what you’re looking for at Yahoo, MSN or Ask. They don’t seem to be bullying webmasters and pulling money out of their pockets.

I forgot to leave this example. If you go to Google and search for “John Chow“, look at the results! Not quite what you’re looking for, right? How does that make results better?

John Chow

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So What Is Next For Webmasters?

The question burning in a lot of webmaster’s minds is, “What should I do now?” With us being in the position we’re in, I felt the need to give our view and suggestion to all of our customers and readers. Everyone is worried and scared about the recent hit of lowered Google PR across the board. Everyone is pointing the finger at blog networks who cross link and sites that buy and/or sell text link ads. Well here is our thoughts on the whole ordeal.

Report Paid LinksThe big scare in everyone’s mind is that Google is punishing everyone for participating in the buying or selling of text ads. The problem is, people are reporting PR drops on sites that don’t even participate in the act. Maybe this is a move where they’re testing the waters to see if their “reported” information is aligning with their new algorithms, or maybe this has nothing to do with what everyone thinks it is. TechCrunch, for example, openly sells ads and even to one of our own, yet, nothing happened to them. I think if Google was really trying to make a statement, they would hit all obvious blogs that everyone reads, not just a few. Then take notice of YouTube‘s home page being a PR 3, it’s a Google owned company. My suggestion would be not to buy into all the PRopaganda, but most certainly, do NOT stop what you’re doing!

There is no doubt that Google owns the largest share of search queries; however, they are NOT the only search engine. They also do NOT own your website nor can they dictate how you choose to monetize your site. Of course, they’ll tell you they’re not trying to dictate what webmasters participate in, but just look at the ripple they’re causing. I was just reading a post on Johntp.com where he’s pulling his ads from TLA and I just couldn’t help but think how ridiculous it is for anyone to throw easy money away for a complete guess. Does this guy really think anything is going to change by removing ads? All he’s doing is allowing Google to bully him around.

Don’t Use JavaScriptGoogle’s big issue is the selling of Pagerank, which was something that happened a few years ago. Now people buy text ads on sites related to their own. Sure, some people still go the route of buying higher PR sites, but just like technologies change, so do methodologies in link building campaigns. When we build campaigns for customers, it’s apples to apples and oranges to oranges, the days of insurance ads on programmer sites are pretty much over. But everyone can argue that people on a programming site might be interested in insurance whether they’re on an insurance site or a programmer site.

Let me give you an example, these days, most of the sites participating in buying/selling text ads are personal blogs. These personal blogs cover a little bit of everything, just like a search engine would. At any point you can go to yahoo.com and see a range of advertisers from flowers to insurance to credit reports. The same situation can apply to all sites, any one visitor can be interested in ANY type of ad on the site. I’ve found some pretty interesting sites on sites that had nothing to do with the site I was on, but I was glad to find them. But of course, to really get the eye of the visitor, a text ad about insurance when you’re on a site about insurance will more than likely have a higher CTR, so it’s the optimum choice in our methodologies.

Make Pages for Search EnginesThe search reps will completely agree with this theory but tell us that we should somehow tell them it is an ad by adding a “nofollow” or link it with some other form rather than html. Use HTML LinksBut then you read their guidelines and it strictly tells us not to build our sites for search engines, build it for our readers. Nofollow tags means we’re building for the search engines, not for our readers! They’re hypocrites and greedy because those ad dollars are not being put into their own pockets.

Acquire Inbound LinksTheir guidelines also tell you to acquire links from sites and directories like Yahoo, where you actually pay for the link in order to get your site appearing in their search results. Think about it, “Do it!” “Don’t do it!” “Do this!” “Don’t do this!” Submit to YahooIf they have an issue with how people are monetizing their sites, then they need to do a better job at their own product rather than trying to rip webmasters of their livelihoods. We, as in LinkWorth, would never tell a customer they cannot participate in another program because we want our customers to make as much money as they can, whether it be with us or with some other company. If Google could adopt at least a modified version of this thought, I think the internet world would be a much more peaceful place. If it came down to a fault of our own, we would fix the problem on our end instead of pissing off the same people that helped build them into what they are today.

Let me go ahead and end these words of wisdom, if you can call it that, with a few thoughts to marinate on.

  1. Unless you’re listed on the first page for your keywords, why would it matter if you were spotted by Google and PR dropped? Money in your pocket is money in your pocket! Don’t give it back because you have less green in your toolbar! Just remove the toolbar and go with the flow, keep the ads, add more ads and continue writing great content on your site.

  3. If you remove ads or stop buying linkads, do you REALLY think you will be rewarded? Keeping what you have will only help validate that you’re not going to be bullied by Google and also make you appear as you know it is your website and not Google’s site!

  5. Do you realize that if you pull out and cancel linkads, that money will HAPPILY be diverted to others who would love to have the money? Our advertisers are going nowhere! LinkWorth’s job is to produce results and we will continue to do so with existing products, combinations of existing products and most importantly, our new products. Yes, that means we are always staying ahead of the Goo-ame by developing new products that help our advertisers and disguise them from all this other mess. Our product LinkInTxt is something only LinkWorth employees would be able to detect. So unless they change the way they rank the SERPs, our products will always produce results!

  7. WHO DO YOU THINK IS ON YOUR SIDE WHEN IT COMES TO LINKWORTH AND GOOGLE? HONESTLY? There is no way Google knows anything about you. LinkWorth knows our customers and will do whatever is necessary to produce results. If the entire ranking system changed tomorrow, LinkWorth would figure out how the new system operates and implement a new process for our customers within a week. What can you honestly do to get a response from Google? A reinclusion request that goes unanswered for months? (Well, unless you’re BMW).

  9. Your site is your site and you should never change anything for any reason unless it’s illegal. Google tells webmasters to not build pages for search bots, then says to change all ad links for search bots. Google also tells people to get listed in their results they should acquire links and even references Yahoo’s directory, which is buying a link, then says they’ll not count links that are paid. Ask yourself, “who has their heads on straight here?”

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How Evil Is Google Today?

Ok, after all this going on I had to see what GOOG was doing (notice I link to Yahoo!). As I’m watching their stock price in amazement, Yahoo’s refreshing thing refreshes and I can’t get my print screen done fast enough, but this is what I “witnessed”:

Google Stock Price

I just couldn’t help it knowing the whole “Evil (#6)” thing and what is going on today.

Should we start a chant around the world for anyone who owns Google stock? SELL GOOG, SELL GOOG, SELL GOOG ! ! ! A public company means it’s owned by the public, somewhat. If you’re a stock holder, then show them what you think of them and sell while it’s this high and make your money!

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Google Is Pissy

Forget about the passive/aggressive phrasing of “Don’t Be Evil”…Google’s new mantra is “We Will Screw You.”

I’m sure you’ve read the news or worse, felt the sting yourselves. Google has gone scorched earth and dinged god-only-knows how many websites with a drop in Page Rank over the past day or two.

Rumor has it that the sites getting screwed are those that have been selling text link advertisements but the funny thing is, they’re penalizing some sites that aren’t even selling links!! How stupid is that??

It seems all those laid-back folks at the Googleplex are taking themselves quite seriously these days. What’s next? No more bringing your dog to work? No more volley-ball games during lunch? The Google chef gonna be serving up bread & water for breakfast/lunch/dinner from here on out?

Poor bastards.

Talk about biting the hands that feed you, Google. You should be ashamed of yourself. Be careful not to get too big for your britches…that stock price of yours just might drop one day soon and then who will save your ass? All the people that you screwed over?

Don’t bank on it.

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LinkWords – Let Us Pad Your Pocket!

MIVA We’ve been briefly mentioning that our LinkWords program has had an injection of ads into the program by a third party in addition to our own advertisers. What does this mean? It means high payouts per click on high competitive terms which turns into even more money you can make.

MIVA is now feeding their ads and their additional networks through our LinkWords program. For bloggers, you can start writing blog entries immediately on the top paying verticals and earn high click earnings. Currently we have the limit set to 10 ads that can be shown on one page, which we recently moved up from 5. What we found by doing this is rather than showing more ads, it just gave the publisher more options to show ads. Our system tries to match the highest paying keywords on your page and increasing the number increases your chances of grabbing those high priced ads.

We are absolutely excited to be working with MIVA and after our meeting last night with Chris from MIVA, we’re even more excited now. We’ll work with him to maybe get a listing of the top paying verticals so you guys will know good topics to write about.

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The Google Jet

Danny Sullivan posted a cool write up on the Google Jet. I don’t know how newsworthy it is, but I always get a kick out this kind of thing. I was interested to find out that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is actually a jet pilot and that Larry Page flies his own helicopter, too.

LinkWorth has its’ own helicopter, too, guys…fyi. It’s about 4-5 inches long and is remote controlled. It can’t accommodate passengers, but it can annoy the heck out of employees!

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