Who Says Link Building Does Not Work Anymore

We can all agree that the past year of link building, well SEO in general, has been quite the hot topic. Damn near ‘everyone’ participated in link building in some form or fashion. If you read someone that says they have never participated in link building, you can bet most of your money that they’re not telling you the whole truth. It was just part of the landscape and you had to do it to compete. A good analogy is like trying to compete in a marathon but not working out, you can still participate but you probably won’t finish.

Text Linking Is Still AliveAll this rambling leads me to my point. Since the ‘so called’ hammer was thrown down, a lot of people have either turned their heads towards link building or have continued on as under the table as possible. Those that have turned their heads have found it impossible to compete, once again. Why? It’s because linking is still alive and well. The truth of the matter is it will always be alive and well unless the engines change the way they rank websites, a point that I’ve said over and over. Sure, they can try and slap people’s wrists, but if you knock 10 down, there’s 10 more waiting to take their place.

A great example of how well the text linking business still works, I bring to you exhibit A. If you look at the page source, you’ll find that it is nothing more than a frameset page with absolutely zero content. Only a title and meta description. It is currently ranked #1 for the term “Text Link Ads“, which is pretty competitive. I first thought our pals over at TLA were back on track but then realized it was just an affiliate page. Either way, I was thrilled to see what I was looking at. That gives even more proof that you can rank a page with nothing but a pure linking campaign. All you have to do is look at the back links listed and you’ll find their text links. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you have become a non-believer, what more proof do you need that we can help!

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Introducing LinkWorth Jobs

Partners, are you tired of waiting around to be chosen for LinkPost deals? Advertisers, does sorting through our ever-growing inventory to find suitable LinkPost Partner blogs take too much of your valuable time? Now there’s an easier way! (Will go live tomorrow 4.29.08) Allow me to introduce LW Jobs – a new way to buy & sell paid blog posts here at LinkWorth. In the “old days”, Advertisers had to create an outline, search for Partner blogs individually, make a buy request, wait for approval, then wait for the post be written. On the flip side, Partners had to wait patiently for work to come their way, navigating payroll. Now there is a MUCH more efficient way for both Partners and Advertisers. LW Jobs allow Advertisers to simply create a Job listing using a LinkPost outline and let the bloggers find them. How does it work? Advertisers select a LinkPost outline to use, determine a set of minimum requirements that Partner blogs must meet, deposit funds, and then the Job is posted for all of our blog Partners to see and accept the Jobs that best suit them! Partners As a blog Partner, viewing the available Jobs is a piece of cake. Simply log in to your control center and view your Alerts to see what Jobs are currently on deck! If you’re job searching, you can also access the available Jobs by clicking the “my products” tab >> linkpost >> search linkpost jobs. At a glance you can see what Jobs you’re eligible to accept. If your blog meets the requirements and there are still available funds, the Job listing will appear green…GO FOR IT!! If your blog does not meet the requirements, the Job listing will be red and you won’t be able to accept it. Advertisers Log in to your control center and click the “my products” tab >> linkpost >> create Job (you must first have a LinkPost outline created before a LW Job can be created). Fill in a few fields, set your pricing, and sit back while the buzz about you begins! Check out the screenshot below to see how easy it is.

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Has Google Gurgled?

For those of you that follow the search engines and their cockiness that flies first class wherever they go, you should be very familiar with Google and their ‘unbeatable search algorithm’. The Google algo has probably been one of the most talked about, targeted, studied, tested, learned and contested of any other search algo in the history of search engines. Here are a few points that would put them in this position:

  1. They own between 60%70% of the search market/queries, so why not target the big dawg?
  2. They proclaim to have the most detailed and steel proof equations of any out there.
  3. They claim to know of all webspam and can stop most of it with their algorithms.
  4. They have attracted some of the smartest people in the world to work for them.

With this knowledge at hand, how would you feel to know the ‘smartest algorithm’ in the world has had to resort to human editing to better their search engine results?

Well it is happening and the once untainted results will now be at the mercy of a Wikipedia type editor, which is paid by the hour and will undoubtedly be in bed with the market they govern, somehow. If not when they sign up, definitely once they have the power. Google is offering to pay $25/hr and that is great money, but who wouldn’t take side payments for doing whatever? “Hey Joe Blow, I’ll give you $50k to make site A vital and site’s B, C, D, E, F and so on non-relevant.” Would you take the bribe? I think most people that will be doing this would.

Here is the posting on Craigslist found recently:

Search engine results rating:

We need individuals who can work from home to perform search engine results ratings. The work is straight-forward; you log into a Website and then look at predetermined web pages or other similar material and rank them based on how relevant they appear for a given search query. The workload could be anywhere from a few hours a month to a few hours a week. You will need to have a PayPal account as that is how you will be paid.

When you perform this testing you must have the ability to sit down at a computer uninterrupted for 1 hour periods. Also, we will check the data. If the data is inconsistent or done with little regard for quality, you will lose your opportunity to do this in the future.

If you’re interested, here are a few more details:
-You must be willing to be interviewed for approximately 15 minutes on the phone.
-You must be totally and completely fluent in English.
-Please have a college degree, or an AA degree at a minimum.
-Please send your resume along with a brief paragraph about yourself, and also tell us how long you have been using the Internet, how many hours a day/week you use the Internet, and what you typically do on the Internet.

The pay is approximately $25 per hour.

It may take us up to a week to get back to you so please be patient.


And here are the guidelines handed out.

Maybe the business of the future will be to load up a building full of employees, who all apply for the ‘human search project’, and then they become the online service who can apply spam, Non Relevant or Off-Topic tags on the competition listings and then tag the customer sites with the vital mark. Google will basically pay for your entire workforce salaries, maybe you make money off of the newer employees, then give the veterans the full $25/hr plus a little compensation from sales you earn for the service provided to individual companies, seo agencies and other search related marketing firms. The great part is getting off the ground would require very minimal costs, since salaries are usually the biggest cost.

The underlying point here is after all that we’ve heard from Google about having the smartest search algorithms out there, no matter what they do, people will always be smarter than machines. However, once you start inserting humans into the mix, the chances of corruption goes through the roof, as my example company above illustrates.

Google, don’t become Mahalo! They suck for a reason.

PS. (If someone takes my business model idea, at least give me a thank you!)

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Five Ways To Beat Your Competition (Generic Title I Know)

I was first going to give an extremely confusing title that parodies the common generic linkbait titles you see everywhere, but then decided to make it super generic. I think I’ve read this particular title, or some variation of it hundreds, if not thousands of times. Matter of fact, ‘Beat Your Competition’ is found over one hundred thousand times!

Here is where I stray from the generic title, but give some key suggestions that might help. I’m not saying it will do the job, but they’re just obvious observations I’ve made the past few years. They are more mentoring tips that I would give to anyone, so before you think to yourself, “He’s giving away his secrets”, think again.

  • Keep Your Secrets to Yourself! – I realize that sharing your knowledge and proving your ability by speaking your mind helps potential customers see what you’re made of, but there is a fine line to not cross. I think bloggers thrive to appear like wizards in their particular field but all they’re doing is giving away their secrets to competition or even creating new competition.
  • Don’t Be So Social! – This one makes my head ‘sphinn’. People try so hard to be involved in every single social app that pops up, but the problem is, just one social app is time consuming. Save that time for helping your customers or bettering your product or service. Also, most social apps allow others to see who all of your contacts are, a sort of window into your soul that your competition has easy access to.
  • Take off that Target shirt! – throwing your weight around about how popular you are or who you work with has it’s pluses but it also has it’s minuses. If I came on here and stated we were an approved G00GLE vendor (which I will neither confirm nor deny), sure it could bring business our way, but it also puts a huge target on our back. If you steer your ship down the right path, you’ll be successful and there will be no need to make such a big splash. Take a step back and let your competition wear the target.
  • Don’t be so damn picky! – We’ve all witnessed it, businesses would rather hand pick their customers, aka deep pockets, and leave out the little guy/girl. You NEVER know what the future holds. Turning down someone that only has $100 to spend today might be the same thing as turning down someone that has $100,000 to spend in a year. And another downfall to large accounts, if you have 10 accounts that gross your business $25k each, then your competitor has 100 accounts that gross $2500 each, while it seems to be even, all it takes is one lost account and you’re down a big chunk. I remember a college instructor that told us one day, “God made more poor people than he did rich people.” In other words, it’s a lot easier to get a million people to give you $1 than it is having 10 people give you a $100,000.
  • Don’t Become Complacent! – Think about how lions hunt their meals. They feed on the weak, or the one’s that appear to be weak. Same thing goes for the business world. No matter how nice you think your competition is or how friendly they are to you, the minute they have the opportunity, they’ll crush you. Stay ahead of the curve and don’t be content with where you are. Think of ways to make what you do even better, or maybe come up with a completely different way of doing it. Don’t be scared to take chances because that’s where success happens. You may fail several times, but eventually the odds will be on your side and everyone will be following your lead.

Ok, I feel like a motivational speaker now and it’s making my stomach upset. Again, these 5 tips have nothing to do with our industry specifically, it applies to any company or market. If you were hoping to learn how to crush your competition with relation to what LinkWorth offers, I would recommend calling 866.LNK.WRTH and one of our Account Managers can lead you down that path.

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