Happy New Year!!

While this is a few days behind, we wanted to make sure and wish everyone a very happy New Year and we look forward to a very prosperous 2010.

2009 was another record breaking year for us, along with the amount of money we paid out to you guys, so we’re going to keep working hard to keep the awesome ride going.

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Make Money With WordPress MU

Do you have a WordPress MU setup and you’re looking how to make money online? The LinkWorth WordPress plugin makes the process super easy. Offer the entire suite of LinkWorth products through your MU network and manage it all from one location. If a lucrative, non-time sucking side hustle is what you are seeking, then you need to look no further than fx trading at VT markets.

Unlike other custodians, the equity trusts company offers an online marketplace where you can easily identify investment alternatives that meet your needs.

Our WordPress plugin was recently updated to work for MU installations of WordPress. Running a MU network can get extremely pricey if your number of users grow and why not have a plugin that helps you monetize your network? No one will want to pay for a MU blog, so that leaves you with figuring out how to make money with your free blogs. LinkWorth is the answer! And if you want to make a little money sharing online courses, WordPress and its various Learning Management Systems, make it easy. There’s an article on collectiveray that explains how you can build an eLearning website on WordPress LMS and spread your knowledge to a wider audience.

If you are currently a customer and have used our plugin, it’s the same plugin you would use for MU. The same plugin works for regular installations and MU installations. If your network is really large with thousands of existing users, we can help you get it setup and rolling. Just contact us: admin at linkworth, mention you want to get help setting up the plugin for MU and we’ll take it from there.

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Happy Thanksgiving

To those in the States, LinkWorth wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Our offices will be closed from Thursday, Nov. 26th through Sunday, Nov. 29th. We will be back on Monday, Nov. 30th and get to all support issues and new submissions.

A note to existing Partners who are considering changing something to their existing listing, you might want to wait until Monday so your listing is not offline while we are out of the office.

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Tell Us What You Would Like To See

Those that use LinkWorth usually have the best suggestions on how to make improvements to what we currently have. Periodically we’ll reach out and try to get good feedback on what you would like to see improved or added on to our existing system.

As always, we’re constantly adding new updates that make our Control Center function more efficiently, but it’s your turn to tell us what you think. All comments will be well thought out and if it makes sense, we’ll get it on the list and once it’s live, we’ll make an announcement and name it after you.

Now we already know that all Partners want more business, but this is not what we’re asking for. Keep this to improvements that will make what you do in your account easier. Just comment below with your suggestions.

(***Side Note*** if you’re planning on attending PubCon in Vegas next week, let us know. We’re thinking about having a little happy hour if there are enough customers that will be there. )

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PubCon – Vegas – 2009

PubconAnother year, another trip planned for Vegas to attend the popular PubCon show.

If you’ve been before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the “old dog” show, meaning all of us that have been around for years always make a point to attend this show because the networking is better than any other show you’ll attend.

We were given data showing trade shows this year have averaged a 30% drop in attendance, but something tells me PubCon probably will be kicking it as usual.

If you plan on going, we have a couple discount coupons available:

  • 15% Discount – li-81315 (only 9 of these left)
  • 10% Discount – li-21710

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LinkWorth Exhibiting at DMA 09


LinkWorth will be exhibiting at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) trade show, October 18-20. The actual conference goes from October 17-22, in San Diego, California. We’ll be at booth #2943 in the online marketing section of the exhibit floor.

We would like to invite our customers to attend this event where you can learn new marketing best practices through the many partners and vendors. They also have over 150 educational sessions covering every aspect of direct and interactive marketing, dozens of targeted networking events, keynote speakers including Martha Stewart, and over 500 exhibits.

If you would like to attend, we can currently offer a $300 discount PLUS 1 free night hotel stay for those that register for the full conference. To take advantage of this awesome discount, register through this page and be sure to use the discount code “AN610“. This offer expires Friday, September 25, so hurry to get this deal before it ends.

If you prefer to just attend the exhibit hall only, we have many “Preferred Exhibit Hall Passes” on hand to give out to those interested. Or you can go to the normal register page and use the discount code: DMSD9. This discount gives you a $250 value for only $30.

Please stop by our booth if you make it out!

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Upgrade and Prank a Huge Success

Server Upgrade & Migration:

While our upgrade took a couple hours longer than expected last night, things turned out great! The load times are so much faster than before. If you are participating in our LinkWords program, you’ll notice our ads are loading faster than the pages now!

Our awesome hosting company told me late afternoon that we had already served 7.2 million requests in less than a day!!! Pretty amazing. I think we were missing a lot of requests with our older equipment.

We still have additional upgrades coming that will improve things further, but we will announce each as they arrive.

Office Prank:


After our successful upgrade, we (Matt and I) felt we needed to release some of this built up pressure of the upgrade anticipation. Just so happens, we have about 25 of these huge executive chair boxes that have been sitting around the office. We thought that we would make an office out of a cube with the boxes, so we hit “Bob the Builder” (Robin) since she made a comment about the boxes earlier.

I think she enjoyed it! (click images to see larger view)

robinprank1 robinprank2 robinprank3

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LinkWorth Makes Top 50 Ad Marketplaces

We’re happy to be noticed in Website Magazine as one of the TOP 50 alternative ad marketplaces. It means a lot to know our community has grown so much over the years with very little advertising and mostly hard work by our staff and most importantly, our customers telling their friends, families and business associates. We’ll keep on truckin’ on our way to the top!

       LinkWorth - Top 50 Ad Marketplaces
       LinkWorth - Top 50 Ad Marketplaces

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Website Stats – Never Better

stats-lwIf you’ve been like many other customers, you’ve often wished we had better stats for partner listings. Believe me when I say, it’s been an extremely sore subject with us for quite a while!

With lots of new code and lots of new servers, we’ve managed to get a new process in place that will keep all sites in our inventory equal to or less than 30 days old thanks to a new website designers team who pitch in the process.

In addition to improving our stats data, we’ve also incorporated ways to purchase and/or add to your wish list(s) straight from the stats page, making the process of campaign building much easier than ever before.

Although we have a new product soon to be introduced (LinkBanners), the majority of our focus has been improving everything we have. We’ll keep everyone in the loop of new changes as they happen.

Follow LinkWorth on twitter to more current updates.


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Authorize.net Goes Down In A Blaze of Glory

downto2The title is only off by one word…”Glory”! Authorize.net, the payment gateway for 10’s of thousands of online businesses, had a fire in their datacenter that caused the sprinklers to go off and fry the generators. They’ve been down for over 12 hours of posting this and they’re slowing pulling things back together.

What does this mean for LinkWorth customers? Well, if you typically use a credit card for purchases, the transactions will not work currently. We do also have Paypal setup as a backup which we would recommend if you wish to make purchases or need to have renewals process. You can go to ‘my money’ > ‘add funds’ > ‘paypal deposit’ to make the alternate payment.

If you are a fellow merchant that also uses Authorize.net, if you wish to read about the issue further, you can pop over here to read more. You can also follow Authorize.net on their Twitter page here.

Authorize.net has processing back online and all testing on our end has gone without error. Obviously they’re still working on things and it’s possible some attempts might fail, but what they’re saying is it should be working as usual now. If you are still having billing issues, please send any billing errors to admin ^at^ linkworth dot com. You can also check for any updates on our LinkWorth Twitter page.

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