Visit our booth. Win an iPad.

Come by and see us in person next week at SES San Francisco! We’ll be exhibiting…booth 420, where we’ll have luscious, double-padded carpet to ease the pain in your tradeshow-weary feet. We’ll impart yottabytes of SEO knowledge into your already overloaded brains. We’ll talk links.

But perhaps even more importantly…we’re giving away an iPad!

So, swing by and drop off your business cards and register to win. Steve & Dave will be signing autographs and Ron & I will be getting to know the bartenders. Hope to see you there!

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After much contemplating, we have come up with the 11 winners for the contest! They are as follows:

Drum Roll please:)

***1st Place Winner of the Wii goes to: Narendra S. from India***

Winners of the ipod nanos go to:

  1. Marco Holy from Texas
  2. Eric Koo from Malaysia
  3. Yi Xiong from China
  4. Klemen Stirn from Slovenia
  5. Puneet Mehrotra from India

Winners of the $50 of LinkWorth credit towards their accounts:

  1. Erwan Siew from Singapore
  2. Adil Hameed from India
  3. Scott Van Achte from Canada
  4. Emily Lowe from Malaysia
  5. Gijo George from India


Congratulations to all the winners! For those that didn’t win, thank you for your participation. For the most part, all of the entries were really good. We enjoyed reading all of them. Thanks for all of your hard work! For the winners of the prizes, we will send out your prizes in the next 5-10 business days.

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Contest Winners Announced This Coming Friday

All entries have been received and we are weeding through them to select the top winners. Expect the announcement this Friday, December 14, in the afternoon.

Remember, the grand prize is a Nintendo Wii, which I just read is one of the top 10 items sought out for this holiday season. Best of luck to all contestants.

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Creative LinkWorth Contest Entry

With the contest deadline right around the corner (Nov 30th at midnight CST [-6 GMT]), the contest entries will be flowing in and we wanted to showcase a creative entry received this morning. This might help others understand there are no limits as to what you can submit! The video below is part of the entry submitted from

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