A while back this little trick was being passed around how to search for free tunes through Google. A year and a half later, people have really taken the power of Google search to a whole new level. I was shown a site where you just enter a song or artist and it does the complicated query for you and spits out the Google results. After a little more digging around, I found several pretty cool sites for finding music, video and other files that Google knows about.

  • Musgle – Free music search that requires a song or artist submission and Google tells you where to find it.
  • G2P – (Google to Person) After a first search, a top frame remains with a search field and drop down options to narrow your search down. In the bottom frame you’ll see the Google results.
  • Search Hacker – this tool uses the Google Coop search to display results. Once you enter your search, it will then provide a list of extensions to narrow your search. You click that extension and it shows the results you’re looking for.
  • Papaiti – a MP3 search tool. Enter a song and the artist, then search. You can enter one or both. Results are displayed in an iframe.
  • Tyoogle – is a very unique name, almost confusing. The home page is also a bit confusing, but that might be the whole point. Right above the search box you’ll see two links “searchtype” and “advanced”. Searchtype will let you pick what type of search and advanced will let you select the file types you’re looking for. When you’re ready to go, click the shocking button labeled “Die in a Fire” and you’ll get the Google results. For a new search you’ll need to go back to the start page.
  • Index of – Another Google coop powered tool that applies the same type of operators as the others. Plug in your search term in the left sidebar, pick the file type and search. The results will display in an iframe in the main body.

Now this is where I say this post is purely for educational purposes. Always be careful downloading files and consider using something like Tor for a little protection. Almost like putting a nofollow on your downloads. 🙂

This does illustrate the power of Google’s search and the fact you need to be sure and hide those directories if you run Apache. Especially if you have files stored you do not want to share, or bandwidth to lose. If you want to hide your directory listings, two easy steps:

  • Options -indexes – place this in your .htaccess file.
  • Blank index.html – place an empty html file inside the directory to hide. This method requires a blank html in all directories to conceal.