With the partner database growing faster every day, gaining an edge on the competition is more important than ever. As LinkWorth continues to discover new ways for partners to gain this edge, there are certain options partners have to highlight one’s listing. Increasing your stats can definitely help push your listing to the top. Upgrading your listing to a featured site is the most popular method and upgrading to a highlighted regular listing will help make a partner site stand out from regular listings.

In addition to these options, LinkWorth is proud to offer our new Preferred Partner account. When partners create new listings, they are presented with an option to become a Preferred Partner or a Basic Partner account. The basic account is everything we’ve had in the past with no changes. The preferred account offers the following extra’s:

  • Highlighted listing on all websites listed in our database. A maroon background allows preferred listings to stand out from the rest.
  • A fifteen percent (15%) discount on all listing upgrades.
  • Receive first choice status for Managed Account purchases. LinkWorth specialists purchase all link ads for advertisers who enroll in our Managed Account services. LinkWorth specialists account for close to a 60% of text ads purchased in our system so as a preferred partner, our specialists will give your listing a first look before reviewing basic account listings.
  • Quicker approval of new and changed submissions
  • Additional perks as they are added.

The preferred partner option is a 50/50 split, rather than the 70/30 split for a basic account. One thing to definitely understand is there is no guarantee of anything with being a preferred partner. Our specialists will do their best to send as much business to each preferred account as possible, however, our advertisers ultimately have the final say and can remove anything we give them. It’s in our own best interest to drive business to preferred partners, however, it is in our advertisers best interest for links to be relevant and worthwhile that are purchased for them.

Basic Partner accounts must realize that specialists will also consider their listings as well. Our advertisers results are what is most important, so if a basic partner listing fits better, then our specialists will select them. Preferred partners will definitely get our first choice, but we cannot limit ourselves to only preferred listings as there are many great basic partner listings. So if switching doesn’t fit your needs, please do not be discouraged as business will still happen.

To become a Preferred Partner Account, if you are currently a LinkWorth partner, login to your account and on the home login page, there will be an option to become a preferred partner. Click this and it will take you to the preferred partner explanation. It pretty much says the same thing as it does here with an option to CONVERT. Once this is clicked, your account immediately becomes a preferred account.

Any questions or concerns should be submitted to our helpdesk. Thank you for your partnership!