Building a website and making it attractive for others to read, you would have to literally devote hours of each day for quite a long time to build the content up quick. Then throw in the typing of each post it would require and you have quite a project ahead of you. I’ve come across a software program that might serve to help people keep their content always up to date and 100% relevant.

This software program can create a new blog, which would be easily interchangeable to other themes, and allow you to setup a timed (cron) script that would search for articles written that discuss the same things you write about and post the information of each article if finds into your blog. It takes a set amount of data from the article, stores it as cache and provides a hyperlink to the author’s page. So it would be just like have an employee that helps you write posts for your blog while you are still posting your own tidbits. This will no doubt, make your blog site a very information rich source that other blog readers will find worthy of a hyperlink from their site to your site. 😉

This program is a great tool for anyone looking to keep a very up to date and informative blog on any given topic. You simply provide a keyword and it looks for articles with that keyword. It can be used for one single website or unlimited.

It was created to be used on linux servers which have CPANEL. It’s also probably not something for a beginner. Some definite computer skills are needed and knowledge of php, html & mysql. With that being said, once the software is installed, it’s fairly simple to execute and the blogs that are created are simple to manage and maintain. Visit sites like for additional guidance.

I created a sample blog site with the software. The theme is “advertising” and it will find news about ‘advertising’ and create blog posts when it finds.

This is about the extent of installing the program and creating a blog site:

1. Upload the directory of files to your web server
2. Open up the main page which shows the account creation form
3. Enter domain and other needed fields
4. Select the theme layout you wish to use
5. Set cronjob details
6. Submit info and website is created and on autopilot

I’m sure there are a million ways this software program can be used for one’s benefit. If you are interested in obtaining a licensed copy of this software, have questions about it, fill out the comments form below and be sure to include your contact email (don’t worry I don’t do anything with emails. It’s just to send you the info). Interested parties will receive further information regarding the software and where it can be purchased.

Again, if you are interested, complete the comments form and I will get in touch with you. Your comments will not appear so it will be a private conversation. 😉