I happened across this site and thought it was a great post that helps centralize things for webmasters looking to either earn money on their website or use ad networks to promote their product or service. Much like the other site, if you know of more ad networks not listed, please add a comment with the network name and their url.


  • LinkAds – Static Text Link Advertising to boost traffic through text link popoularity.
  • LinkWords – In-Text pay per click advertising that allows one to lease content ehlrds.
  • LinkPacks – Bulk LinkAd buying at discounted pricing.
  • LinkBB – Entire page of information regarding a product or service similar to a BillBoard.
  • LinkSura – LinkAds that rotate anchor text, or keywords, with each page referesh.
  • LinkMura – LinkAds that rotate anchor text and multiple urls with each page refersh.
  • LinkIntxt – Leasing keywords embedded within body content and using static links.
  • LinkDir – Directory Submission Service that submits a website to hundreds of trusted directories.
  • LinkArt – Article Submission Service that that uses optimized static links and well written information.
  • LinkPress – Press Release submission to most all known media outlets read by millions.

Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks

Shopping/Comparison Networks

“Non-Standard” Ad Networks (PopUps, Expandables, Pay Per Post, etc.)

Specific Demographic Ad Networks