For those of you not taking advantage of our rotating ads product, do yourself a favor and activate the option on all sites that are capable of running them. Sales of rotating ads have been climbing quickly over the past few months and advertisers are really taking to them.

If you are already publishing rotating ads and have experienced slow response times, first we want to apologize. We’ve been increasing the number of servers that are serving our ads and there have been a few growing pains. Currently we have extremely fast response times and monitor it constantly. With our server numbers growing, downtime should eventually be eliminated from the equation making slow response times a thing of the past. Again, we do apologize for any dragging that has been experienced recently.

What we have done to eliminate slow response times is offer a new method of publishing rotating ads called “local file inclusion”. This new option will allow partners to install the entire rotating ad on their own site. This takes LinkWorth servers completely out of the equation, along with making response times a non-factor. This option is already available in the publish options for rotating ads with instructions of how to set it up on your site.

Currently the only language we have it available for is PHP, since it is the most widely used. If you use ASP, Cold Fusion or Perl and would like this option, or have any other questions, please submit a support ticket.